V Hotel Wheatsheaf - Case Study

Creating a visual splash on the Main street of Virginia, South Australia, is the V Hotel. The architects of the newly developed hotel have created an impressive modern and refined-industrial feel throughout the different spaces. It has been a long-awaited re-launch for the growing community. The original Wheatsheaf hotel was first built in 1855 and renovated in 1929. The V Hotel has now been re-built to the side of the original. With Virginia quickly becoming a popular suburb in the north, this project was the perfect opportunity for Wake Carpentry and S&J Interiors to work with Buildwise to show their workmanship, bringing to life a new generation of the Virginian pub with the support of and materials supplied by ADX Depot.   

Almost half of Adelaide’s new residential land supply is in the north. The region has well-established suburbs and many innovative residential developments on the urban fringe. This is why it was so important for the design of the new hotel to account for the growing population within the area. It also adds value to the community, with its visually appealing exterior. “Channelling a modern and refined-industrial look and creating positive first impressions for locals to make sure they feel welcome was key. This was considered when selecting appropriate materials,” explains Craig Eyles, architect from CED Building Design for The V Hotel. “It’s important for buildings like this to utilize a balance of hard-wearing and aesthetically pleasing products.” This is why James Hardie ExoTec was selected for the exterior facades of the hotel. 

V Hotel Wheatsheaf - Case Study

 James Hardie ExoTec is a façade cladding known for its durability. Matt from Wake Carpentry chose ADX Depot as their preferred supplier. “Wayne and the ADX Depot team were very helpful in answering questions and supplying all of the needs for the James Hardie ExoTec, furring channel and stud framework. We’ve been working with ADX Depot for a while and are consistently able to rely on Wayne and the team to support us to get the job done.” Matt and the team at Wake Carpentry did a superb job of the timber and ExoTec facades and soffits. He praises the system explaining that “it’s expressed-jointed system makes it easy to work with.” Further benefits to using ExoTec is that its fully weather sealed, low-maintenance and high-impact resistant. It can be painted on-site and this worked well to ensure the design met the brief. As shown in the previous before and after photos, the panels were painted with a rust-look finish which tied in beautifully with the Tonka timber supports & beams and the exposed brickwork. The recycled timber, all the way from Armadale, NSW, used on some of the soffits and throughout the interior of the bistro area adds to the modern, refined-industrial look while enhancing the warm, inviting atmosphere. Working with the timber elements, James Hardie ExoTec is ideal for eaves and soffit, and so was also used in the under-cover outdoor areas of the hotel.

V Hotel Wheatsheaf - Case Study

“Other important criteria for the design was to use materials that work to create great acoustics,” Craig said. The product chosen to achieve the desired acoustic requirements, was Knauf Stratopanel. Steve from S&J Interiors, highlighted the interesting use of the product. “The application and use of the Stratopanel was something a bit different,” Steve explains. “Installing the board on the vertical as well as on the ceiling meant we needed a variety of different parts for each of the applications. With ADX Depot getting everything there correctly and on-time, it made for a really easy and smooth-running project.”

The Wheatsheaf / V Hotel Virginia

 Another major feature for Stratopanel is the CLEANO Technology. Knauf Stratopanel with its CLEANO Technology eliminates environmental air pollutants. As the air streams through the perforations, unpleasant pollutants are removed, leaving the air cleaner. Whilst the Stratopanel has unique air purifying capabilities, its main function is as an acoustic lining. In restaurants where large glass facades and hard materials on floors and walls amplify the noise, it is important to spread and dampen the sound in selected places. The bistro is designed to seat up to 200 people and with the adjoining children’s indoor play area, there will be noise and atmosphere. This is why using Knauf Stratopanel was so ideal.

V Hotel Wheatsheaf - Case Study

“We think that the families who come to the V Hotel will enjoy the design. The kids can be left to play as loud as they want without interrupting the rest of the bistro area. It’s been inspiring to see the Stratopanel used in different applications for both functionality and to create a visually appealing element to the mix of materials,” Wayne from ADX Depot comments. “The teams from Wake Carpentry and S&J Interiors working with Buildwise have shown their professional expertise adhering a quality installation of mixed materials to meet the brief of the build. It was great working with Wake and S&J and following the job progress.”

Project Manager Peter Haack, from Buildwise, reflected on the completion of the build, “overall everything came together really well and it’s a credit to everyone involved. I really like the bistro area and I’ll enjoy taking my family there for meals in the future.” Hotel Manager, Steve Bulach, also spoke highly about the completion of the new hotel. “To have more space and a variety of areas for our hotel patrons to enjoy is really great and is working well. Not only does it look really nice, but the different areas are flexible for us to ensure that anyone who comes to the V Hotel will have a great time whatever time of year.”

The V Hotel has successfully achieved its goal to be inviting to all, including families. The materials utilised throughout the space ensure there is atmosphere but that patrons can still enjoy their dining experience. The workmanship has ensured the brief was executed. It has creating the seamless, open-plan modern-industrial design in which the spaces flow naturally for patrons to enjoy no matter the weather or the event. The collaboration between the supplier and the builders has contributed to accomplishing the vision of the architect and hotel owners, renewing The Wheatsheaf as we know it. The community has regained a venue which will continue to be enjoyed for many more years to come.

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