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It’s been an exciting time in the Adelaide City Park Lands since the inner-city aerial adventure park, TreeClimb, opened in October 2018. With a vision to bring the outdoors in, TreeClimb was designed with materials that blend in with surrounding nature. The team at Steventon’s Construction Group successfully met deadlines bringing this latest attraction to life with the support of flexible deliveries and large range of materials from ADX Depot.  

Keeping up with current design trends, shipping containers were brought in to make up the main space of TreeClimb. As the site was based within the Adelaide City Parklands, there were sometimes unavoidable external factors which affected the job schedule. “To avoid losing any time when changes were made, we relied on ADX Depot’s flexibility to deliver last minute so we could keep the build on track,” explains Steventon’s Site Manager Dusty Chapman.

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ADX Depot delivered a number of loads of furring channels which were used to line the containers, enabling them to be transformed into an EcoHut with the natural-look that was desired. See below how the framework has created the foundations for an exciting before and after result. The EcoHut and equipment rooms are decked out in sealed plywood with ceilings finished with James Hardie’s Versilux sheets, also supplied by ADX Depot, to ensure a long-term quality finish while reflecting the elements of the parklands.

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The eco-friendly style followed right through to the check in zone and cafe. “The final result is amazing! It was very rewarding to visit the site and watch it progress over the weeks,” said ADX Depot Account Manager, Wayne Butcher. “The team at Steventon’s have managed this project exceptionally well through the many design changes. We are pleased we could support them by supplying what they wanted, when they wanted it.”

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The new Tree Climb aerial adventure park has proven to be a big hit with Adelaide City dwellers. It has added an exciting element to the parklands without detracting from the beauty of the natural space. Owner, Seb Packer says, “after nearly four years of planning…we see TreeClimb as a progressive and innovative approach to inner-city tourism.” 

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With over 70 obstacles, TreeClimb has been successfully designed and completed to be the perfect adventure activity for all occasions and all ages. To check out this completed project from the bird’s eye view or to find out more about TreeClimb, visit



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