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About Us


“We strive for ‘Better than Best’ customer service in supplying building materials, to make your life easier. That’s ADXellent customer service.”


We take excellent customer service to the next level: ADXellent customer service

ADX Depot is a one-stop-shop providing supply solutions to the trade and DIY customers for ceilings, walls and partitions. We strive to get those solutions to you faster and easier than anyone else. Our focus is getting you what you want, where you want, when you want. We have developed delivery services to make sure you have the level of support you need. We strive to deliver the best customer service; taking the benchmark of excellence to an even higher level. We call this ADXellent Customer Service.


Our commitment to great (two way) communication is why our customers, suppliers and partners love working with us.

We listen to our customers and suppliers, get back to them with information, and keep them informed along the way. That’s because we respect everyone we deal with. Respectful communication that starts with listening means we understand each other’s position more clearly and that is why people like working with us.


We are always finding new innovative solutions

ADXellent customer service is all about solving problems for our customers. We will source new products, implement new systems, take on new technology and try new things all in an attempt to make life easier for our customers. If we don’t know the answer, we will find someone who does. We are always learning how to be better.


We care about our integrity, professionalism, fairness and keeping our promises

It is about respecting ourselves and the people we work with. We value our own personal reputations and the reputation of our business. It is who we are.


We have great people because we have a great supportive work culture

Our ability to deliver ADXellent customer service is dependent on our people. We seek to identify, employ and retain the best people in our business who are passionate about delivering a higher than excellent level of customer service; people willing to accept the challenge to redefine the best. We know the value of having such a great team so we work hard at maintaining a fantastic and supportive work culture to make sure we keep the team.