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Delivery Services


CBD Express

ADX Express 60 min

90 min express

ADX 24/7

  • 30 Minute Turnaround*
  • Up to 500kg
  • Up to 3m lengths
  • Assisted unload
  • Adelaide CBD
  • 60 Minute Turnaround
  • Up to 1T
  • Up to 3m lengths
  • Assisted unload
  • Metropolitan Adelaide
  • 90 Minute Turnaround
  • Up to 5T
  • Up to 6m lengths
  • Assisted unload
  • Metropolitan Adelaide

With our 24/7 around the clock delivery 
service we can get the goods to site at 
specific times, including crane lifts out of hours.

Saturday deliveries available if preorder Friday.


Delivery Costs

Please see the table below for our delivery charges, and refer to the Zone Map to view delivery zone divisions in the Adelaide metropolitan area.

The finalised delivery amount will be calculated by our fulfillment staff, and confirmed with your order.

Enquire with us regarding interstate shipping costs. We will review and confirm charges in person once your order has been placed.

ADX Depot Delivery Map - Adelaide

Terms & Conditions:
1. At times, ADX Depot experience extreme levels of demand on our delivery services. Whilst we endeavour to deliver irrespective of this there may be times we cannot achieve a CBDxpress 30min or ADXpress 60min. In these circumstances, the customer experience team member will communicate this with the customer and advise of the fastest delivery available. Should the agreed guarantee not be met, a full refund of the delivery fee will be approved.
2. This guarantee does not apply to deliveries to residential house lots, for special non-stocked item orders or out of stock product orders.
3. Any deliveries that do not match our guarantee must be notified to our Customer Service Team on the day of being received. A full refund of the delivery fee will then be arranged.

*CBDxpress 30 min delivery service is applicable to orders out of the West Terrace Depot being delivered to the Adelaide CBD