TAFE - Aluminium Partitioning Case Study

The TAFE SA Simulated Business Area project at its city campus in Currie Street Adelaide was a prestigious opportunity in the VET sector for Nathan Pine, proprietor of Assiduous Carpentry. Naturally, he was very pleased to win the sub-contract to install aluminium partition frames from the managing builder, Mossop Construction + Interiors.

However, as Nathan looked into the detail, he could see a significant problem looming.

“After securing the contract with Mossop Construction + Interiors to fabricate and install aluminium partition frames for Adelaide TAFE Simulated Business project, we found the aluminium product which was specified for the job to be complicated and have really long lead times which would cause delays to this project”, said Nathan Pine

Nathan had had many years’ experience fitting out interiors. He knew the differences in the products specified. He realised that the specified aluminium frames were difficult to install and didn't provide a finish with which he would be happy. Most importantly, Nathan knew that the substantial delays that would be caused by the lengthy lead times would represent a significant problem in the delivery of the overall project on time.

Nathan shared his concerns with Roger Camerini, site manager for the project with Mossop Construction + Interiors.

Roger and Nathan quickly discussed the issue with the project management team and the architect. Nathan had a solution.


TAFE - Aluminium Partitioning Case Study


“We then asked Mossop Construction + Interiors if they could get approval from the architect to change the aluminium product specified to the ADX Depot 1000 & 7000 series aluminium product”, Nathan explained. “This was then approved by the architect and Mossop Construction + Interiors to use the ADX Depot aluminium.

“Wayne from ADX Depot was then contacted by us and helped us right through the project from start to finish. The lead times for the products were short which helped the project remain on schedule. The 1000 & 7000 series ADX Depot aluminium was extremely easy to work with and looked fantastic when completed.”

The specified system was easily swapped out for the ADX System 1000 & ADX System 7000 with the approval from the architect and Mossop Construction + Interiors. The ADX System Aluminium, shown in a Black powder-coated finish, can be supplied in any powder-coat colour or left as Natural Anodised to fit in with any interior design.


TAFE - Aluminium Partitioning Case Study

“The project at TAFE SA Simulated Business Area was a quick turnaround project which ADX Depot were able to supply Aluminium with minimal fuss”, said Roger Camerini, Project Site Manager for Mossop Construction + Interiors.

“The ADX System we used went together really well with all components fitting and working well together. The Sliding track and the door frames were easy to assemble and Nathan and Malcolm Pine who manufactured the frames and door said it was a great system to use. The end result was great; Client and Mossop were happy with the final results.”

The photos show the superb results achieved in a functional and visually pleasing area with smart clean lines.

“The knowledge and experience from all the people we communicated with at ADX Depot was great. With clear guidance and fast solutions to any problems”, said Nathan Pine, proprietor of Assiduous Carpentry. “I would highly recommend ADX Depot and there products for any service, advise and supply for construction and fit-out projects. And we would like to thank Wayne Butcher and the team at ADX Depot for help with the completion of another successful project.”


For further enquires or information relating to any of the products used in this project, call ADX Depot on 8292 5000.


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