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Starting in August, it wasn’t all about producing our favourite snacks at PepsiCo. It was all systems go with ACM Fitouts and Maintenance working to support SHAPE in the PepsiCo office fit-out. Working with tight time frames, deliveries of materials to complete the job were guaranteed by ADX Depot, allowing the project to proceed without delays.

“The reason we chose to get our ceiling grid and tiles through ADX Depot was because there were time constraints in which we could receive deliveries. We needed to guarantee our materials would arrive on time and ADX Depot could follow through on this,” explains ACM Director of Operations, Donna Stuart. With all the materials being readily available, ACM were able to work efficiently to complete the fitout to a high standard.

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ADX Depot keeps extensive stock holdings of the full range of products required for ceiling, wall and partition fitouts. ACM was able to make use of this service during the fit out branching from the main office space, right through the hallways to staff locker rooms and meeting spaces. The finished fit out shows how well planned the space was, now featuring a combination of clean lines and open spaces.

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An important part of any fitout is the quality of the completed work. There were a number of products installed; from steel stud and track, to a combination of plasterboard, watershield and fireshield boards. Like all projects, there are many components which have come together to achieve the desired, seamless finish. The installation of Plastaworx set bead access panels is an example of this. Discrete details in the ceiling enable full functionality of the space and are a result of a combination of quality products and excellent workmanship.PepsiCo - Case Study - BodyImage3

“It was a pleasure being able to support ACM with this fitout,” says ADX Depot account manager, Dale Grace. “Jacob, Donna and the team are great to work with and we’re thrilled to see how our full range of products have been utilized throughout this fitout. The finished results look fantastic and we are excited for the client to enjoy their new space!”

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Producing a space which enables employees to work efficiently within good conditions is important to any business. What the architects have done well at PepsiCo is designed a vibrant and visually appealing workspace. The vision has been successfully executed by SHAPE with the support of ACM Fitouts & Maintenance and key materials supplier, ADX Depot. Fitout deadlines were met with the efficient service and on-time deliveries from ADX Depot and PepsiCo employees are now moved in ready for a busy 2019!


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