ADX Depot One Touch Cavity Slider


Providing a smooth and seemless look, the new Cavity Slider One Touch Release Sytem sits flush within the cavity and eliminates the need for protruding door handles maximising doorway width and showcasing a clean yet modern look.

The magnetised system holds doors firmly in place while fully open resting completely inside the cavity.

A soft one touch action triggers a spring loaded release system making for effortless closure. Simply push the edge of the door to release from the cavity unit.

To open, pull on a flush handle to slide the door to a desired position. 


  • One touch release door
  • Effortless operation
  • Magnetic mechanism holds door flush in cavity (must be used with flush jamb not flush pull cavity slider unit)
  • No handle required

Components supplied with this system

1 x Touch Release
1 x Backplate
4 x Screws

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