Listen to John go over the benefits of the ADX APP Book.

ADX Depot APP Book  
Introducing the new ADX Depot APP Book! That's Correct,
it's not just a mobile application, but an APP book. Designed
as a working comliment for those in the commercial building trade,
interior office designers, architects, and office space planners can
benefit with over 100 pages of detailed Aluminium product
illustrations, pictures and descriptions.

The portfolio includes specific details on each product with
cross section and construction drawings to help designers
and installers with any project requiring aluminium in internal
commercial, or residential spaces.
Available to download, or as a full-colour hard copy, we are
happy to provide this building resource without obligation.
Simply download your copy, request one to be mailed, or
visit any of our trade locations to pick up your copy today.

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Aluminium Partitioning Portfolio

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Specially designed to improve efficiency, aesthetics and answer the
practical needs in today’s office environments, our detailed Aluminium
Partitioning Portfolio provides a comprehensive guide to our entire
aluminium product range including:

• Aluminium Partitioning
• Aluminium Sliding Door Systems
• Aluminium Hinged Door Systems
• Shadowmax™ Systems
• Aluminium Skirting, and
• Cavity Sliding Door System

ADX APP Book Detail Pages