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Adelaide’s CBD is booming with the introduction of more apartment-style living. Dwell, East End Adelaide is one of the recently completed projects bringing brand new fully-furnished student accommodation to the heart of Adelaide. When it comes to ensuring the safety and well-being of tenants, using the best products to complete the project is imperative. IPad Building Services worked with Kyren Group to bring Dwell Student Apartments to life. ADX Depot made use of its fleet of different sized trucks to ensure the delivery of materials, large or small, suited the tight time constraints on this project.

Behind all the furnishings, the structure of the ceiling and walls are lined with double layers of FireShield board to ensure the building complies with Building Code requirements for inter-tenancy walls. Knauf FireShield Systems can achieve 30 to 240 minutes fire rating in accordance with AS/NZS 1530.4.

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The design of the apartments included a number of communal areas which tenants can enjoy. This includes the likes of fitness spaces, extra communal kitchens, study zones and more. During construction, ADX Depot Account Manager, Dale Grace, worked closely with Sean Mehr, Director of IPad Building Services regularly visiting the site. “Dale was able to visit our site to check fire ratings around some areas helping us to organise approval for compliance for us,” Sean explains. “This saved us a lot of time and enabled us to stay focussed on the rest of the project.”

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Another key requirement of these apartment designs is that acoustic ratings are suitable and ensure tenants can live comfortably. With its CBD location and 21 floors housing over 250 beds, achieving the acoustic rating is important. An area within the building that had careful consideration relating to acoustics is the Cinema room. To enhance the sound absorption and ensure surrounding apartments aren’t affected, extra products such as felt panels along the walls of the room were fitted. The ceiling grid and tiles supplied by ADX Depot also work to add extra acoustic ratings to the space.

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“Working with IPad to execute the fitout of Dwell Student Apartments was satisfying proving we are able to successfully handle last minute deliveries and get them in to a tricky location,” Dale reflects. “We’re pleased we could again provide a high level of customer service and worked to support IPad with this exciting project.”

Adelaide’s East End is certainly to coming to life with its nexus of laneways, such as Ebenezer Place, combining dining and social venues with many nearby shopping precincts such as Rundle Mall. Dwell Student Apartments are now available for booking with its convenient location and paired vibrancy and stylish design throughout both the interior and exterior. Overcoming logistical challenges and seeing projects like this continue to be brought to life throughout Adelaide’s CBD is exciting and ADX Depot is ready to continue to support builders and contractors through their whole project, big or small.


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