The perfect finish in today’s modern interiors starts with using the right product!

EZY Finish Solutions

If you are designing your new dream home or building one for a client then here is a quick guide to the latest products available to give you that clean line and perfect finish to various ceiling and wall applications.


All products have been designed to reduce installation times compared with conventional methods.

Click on the links below to view the full Ezy Finishing range available and how they work. 


EZY Finishing Sections Brochure

Square set for metal and custom window reveals without architraves

Strong and versatile alternative for stop ends

Custom finishing and capping of plasterboard made easy

Recessed window pelmets

EZYJamb Single Rebate
A unique frameless jamb system that blends seamlessly with the wall

EZYJamb Brochure 
Flush finish door jamb

Used with cavity slider unit to create a flush finish opening without the need of architraves


Create impressive subtle and seamless appearance exuding class on your next project.
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EZY Finish Solutions