Blackwood High School - Case Study

The STEM works building project at Blackwood High School was an opportunity to show skill and impressive workmanship within the education sector. Designed as a shared space for year levels 8-12, the building will primarily support the teaching of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). The project posed design and build challenges with a complex yet visually engaging design. The refurbishment was completed while the school was in full operation, meaning there were also challenges to coordinate deliveries around the school timetable.

“When working on school sites, communication and coordination of deliveries is essential. There are a lot of safety regulations that need to be thought of and points of contact to make so that all parties coming onto site, whether it’s to build or deliver, are sticking to the arrangements and keeping the job site safe,” explained Project Manager Anthony Russo from Mossop Construction + Interiors.

It is also important that deliveries are arranged for time slots and that the delivery is completed in the arranged time. Not only to ensure the safety processes are enforced in the build process, but also because of the deadlines in place for the project. In the case of Blackwood High School, the new STEM works building project was to be completed ready for the beginning of Semester 2.

Bill Van Der Vleut from Forefront Interiors praised ADX Depot “when it came to ensuring that material was on site ready to go, ADX Depot worked with us to make the process simple and was flexible with our available delivery time slots.” Bill continues, “The fact we can rely on ADX Depot for fast and on-time deliveries reinforced our confidence that they were the best people to deal with when it came to sourcing some non-standard products for the job.”

When asked about the brief of the build, Anthony explained that “with the open ceiling, industrial design of the space, it required soft surfaces to assist in absorption of the noise generated.”

The ceiling of the build required sound absorbing felt ceiling tiles as the large, open space, bordered by classrooms and filled with students would need to be controlled. Bill explains, “I called John from ADX Depot, and asked him to help me sort out an order for the sound absorbing materials. Not too long after, he had all the information we needed and an order was placed. When you have help like John gives us, it means you can focus on what is happening on site and trust that you’ve got the backup to get everything you need to finish the job.”


Blackwood High School - Case Study


The ceiling being covered in sound absorbing material is a discreet design concept which fits the industrial feel that was a part of the brief. It works well by fading into the background accentuating all the other colourful, soft surface wall materials used throughout the rest of the interior. Another key requirement for the project, being in a school environment, was that the materials used had to be hard-wearing and long lasting. This is what makes the exterior of the building so interesting yet practical.

“The external cladding design was quite memorable,” both Anthony and Bill agreed. “It posed design and installation challenges, which meant modification of the original layout to ensure that the final product was robust enough to last in the school environment.”

The James Hardie ExoTec panels supplied by ADX Depot was the perfect solution for the job. What makes ExoTec so suitable is that it’s a pre-sealed product which allows an easy finish and adds durability. The façade panels themselves can be cut, assembled in any pattern and painted to create a high-impact finish. In the case of Blackwood High School, it did not disappoint! Both Anthony and Bill commented that “it was satisfying to see the ExoTec installed and finished.”


Blackwood High School - Case Study

The striking geometric pattern using the school colours creates a fresh and inspirational feel for the students. “As they make their way into the new space, students get excited about using the space. This adds to the positive learning environment which is what we wanted to achieve for our students,” explains Sharon Goldman, Principal of Blackwood High School. “The new shared office and classroom spaces within the imagination centre promotes the development of rich and innovative learning programs.”

John from ADX Depot, who regularly visited the site to work with the builders during the six months of building, shared, “at ADX Depot, we are always pleased to be involved with projects like this. It is rewarding to know that being a one-stop shop and having the drive to provide better than best service, that we are continually supporting our customers with everything they need to finish the job. It’s great to see a space like this come together and to know we have contributed to its overall success. We are thrilled that the client is happy with the finished result.” 

For enquires on products used for this project, or for more information, call ADX Depot on 8292 5000.

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