The ADX Depot aluminium partition system includes deep pocket sections for profiles to suit 64mm stud. 

  • Let us introduce you to these sections & their benefits:
  • Increased pocket depth creates ease of glazing and sufficient glass clearance for up to 12.38 laminate.
  • Deep Pocket Main Frame (1000DP) allows easy installation to ceilings and walls without additional packing behind fixing points.
  • Deep Pocket Sill (1002DP) incorporates full length fins for half height walls. Extra support legs for full height glazing under glazing pocket to take the weight of glass through to the floor.
  • Deep Pocket sections must be used with Deep Pocket Drilling Jig (1000DPDJ).

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See our NEW Drilling Jig that suits 1000, 3000 & 7000 Systems

  • New stainless steel construction.
  • Nylon locators to eliminate damage to glazing pocket.
  • Includes window for viewing when drilling horizontal mullions.
  • Deep Pocket sections must be used with Deep Pocket Drilling Jig (1000DPDJ). 
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