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Knauf Mastalite - 17kg Bucket

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Knauf Mastalite - 17kg Bucket

Product code: MLBU

Knauf Mastalite - 17kg Bucket is a premium premixed all purpose jointing compound.
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Knauf Mastalite - 17kg Bucket is a premium premixed all purpose jointing compound suitable for bedding tape, second and final coating plasterboard joints, angles and fastener heads. It is a lightweight compound and is ideal for use with mechanical tools. MastaLite is the perfect solution for finishing plasterboard joints when superior coverage and finish are desired for any commercial or residential project.


  • Good body
  • Ideal for electric sanding
  • Free flowing
mastalite jointing compund knauf
Exceptional body and ease of trowelling for both hand and mechanical tools. MastaLite will maintain body when mixed or worked on the hawk.
The perfect amount of time to obtain good thin edges when feathering as it does not dry out too fast.
A very light colour when applied, drying to a clean white professional fnish.

Quick and very easy to sand by hand or by electric sanders. Leaves a finish which is free from scratches and swirl marks.

Low VOC meeting sustainable building project requirements.

Test for desired consistency depending on application method to be used. MastaLite is ready to use for hand trowelling. For mechanical tools, if necessary add clean tap water in small amounts and mix until desired consistency is achieved.

If mixing MastaLite, note that overmixing may introduce air bubbles.

As with all compounds, excessive thinning may cause cracking or increased shrinkage. Do not mix with any other material.

Maintain a minimum 10ºC working temperature during application and drying.

When using MastaLite for all three coats, joints must be back-blocked. Paper tape is recommended for use with MastaLite.

For a stronger joint, use paper tape and bedding cement for the first two coats, with MastaLite as the final coat. Allow MastaLite to dry completely between coats and approximately 24 hours before sanding. Sand lightly by hand using 150 grit paper or 180 sanding mesh. When using an electric sander use 220 grit paper.

MastaLite will accept most types of decorative fi nishes. In accordance with AS/NZS 2311 Guide to the painting of buildings, a three coat paint system must be used. This consists of a sealer/undercoat and two coats of paint.
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Knauf Mastalite - 17kg Bucket