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Cavkit for Sliding Door


 Cav Kit for Sliding Doors



Cavkit for Sliding Doors 

Cavkit Flush Finish for Cavity Sliders 

Cavkit can be used to transform standard cavity sliders into architrave free, flush finish cavity sliders. This also complements and tones in with the EZYJamb® flush finish door jamb system.

The Cavkit is made up of EZYReveal® and EZYCap® closer cap to trim and cap the plaster edges around the door penetration. The EZYCap® custom made closer cap can be produced to suit any specification. The Cavkit System can easily be installed using our complete Installation Instructions.

Cavkit the perfect companion for Ezy Jamb on your project.

Make your standard Hume or Corinthian cavity slider into a flush finish unit to match your Ezy Jambs.

Cavkit can be used to transform a standard cavity slider into an architrave flushed in finish look like Ezyjamb:

Step 1:  Purchase a cavity slider 
Step 2:  Install as per usual but leave off the architraves.
Step 3:  Purchase a Cavkit and install at the same time as the plasterboard.
Step 4:  Flush components of Cavkit as plasterboard is flushed, then sand and paint.




Features and Benefits:

  • Converts Hume or Corinthian cavity slider to match Ezy Jamb finish
  • Economic option for great architectural look.
  • Easily installed (instructions included) 
  • Consistent look for hinged and sliding doors.
  • Easily painted - no architrave to be painted.
  • Option of rebated closer jamb to improve privacy, climate control and acoustics.


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