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• Steel Stud Systems

• Fibre Cement

• Insulation

• Ceiling Tiles

• Acoustic Wall and Ceiling Linings

• Plasterboard

• Fiberock


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Steel Stud Systems

Q: What is the difference between Standard Track and Deflection Head Track?

A: Standard Track has nominal leg height of 32mm and Deflection Head Track has leg height of 50mm.

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Fibre Cement

Q: What is Villaboard? 

A: Villaboard is used as an internal wall and ceiling lining for bathrooms, laundries, kitchens and high traffic areas in residential and commercial applications, where a durable wet area lining or flat surface is required for tiles, wallpaper or paint.


Q: What is Versilux? 

A:  Versilux is similar in characteristics to Villaboard except it has square edges for butt joints and can also be used in exposed beam ceilings and soffits. 

Q: What is Hardietex?

A: Hardietex is used as an external cladding in residential homes where a lightweight system with a rendered look is required. 


Q: What is Hardieflex?

A: Hardieflex is used as an external wall cladding, eaves or soffit lining for residential buildings where a flat panel look is required.

Q: What is Exotec?

A: Exotec is used for external facade, fascia or soffit on commercial buildings requiring a durable, low maintenance and impact resistant system, and has an expressed jointed panel look. 

Q: What is Hardiepanel?

A: Hardiepanel is used an an internal or external substrate for tiled wet area floors, balconies, verandas and decks in both residential and commercial buildings. 

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Q: What is Pink Batts Insulation?

A: Pink Batts insulation is an environmentally sustainable product that improves the energy efficiency. Installing Pink Batts reduces the need for artificial heating and cooling and also noise transfer through ceilings and wall. 


Q: What is Pink Partition Insulation?

A: Pink Partition Insulation provides excellent thermal and acoustic performance for commercial and multi residential applications with a softer feel for comfortable handling. It is specifically designed to be free standing for quick install in steel stud framing. 

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Ceiling Tiles

Q: Should you put insulation on top of ceiling tiles?

A: It is not recommended for insulation to be installed on top of ceiling tiles, this is primarily due to condensation in the ceiling void which can cause tiles to sag. With regards to mass the tiles can support, the maximum is 0.3kg before independent suspension is required. Additional reasons include:

• Following installation the ceiling void becomes inaccessible. Further access can cause damage to the ceiling tiles.

• The grid structure must be laid out accordingly for additional loads to be added.

• Loads supported directly on the ceiling tiles are not allowed.

• The grid system, including ceiling tiles, does not create an airtight seal.

• The installation of a vapour barrier would be required, although technically and practically this is not possible.

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Acoustic Wall & Ceiling Linings

Q: What is Stratopanel?

A: Stratopanel is a unique acoustic wall and ceiling lining with built in air purifying Cleaneo Technology that reduces both smells and airborne pollutants. Stratopanel must be installed using Uniflott jointing compound. 

Q: What is Design Panel?

A: Design Panel combines great design with acoustic comfort, delivering both sound diffusion and absorption across the whole frequency range. This creates enhanced audibility and a high quality sound experience in large open areas.


Q: What is Plaza?

A: Plaza is a robust, perforated, acoustic ceiling tile with various design patterns available. It is white painted and easy to install in a T-grid ceiling system.

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Q: What is Mastashield?

A: Mastashield is a standard plasterboard used for internal wall linings and 13mm Mastashield can be used for internal ceilings as well.


Q: What is Spanshield?

A: Spanshield is 10mm reinforced plasterboard used for internal ceilings. Its designed to span internal  ceiling joints or furring channels up to 600mm without sagging.


Q: What is Curveshield?

A: Curveshield is a thin flexible plasterboard that is used to create curved walls and ceilings. 


Q: What is Fireshield?

A: Fireshield is a fire resistant plasterboard used for internal lining applications where a fire resistant level is required. 


Q: What is Watershield?

A: Watershield is a water resistant plasterboard suitable for use in internal wet areas and as a substrate for tiles. 


Q: What is Soundshield?

A: Soundshield is a plasterboard used for internal linings with a high density core providing excellent sound insulation for residential and commercial applications.


Q: What is Shaftliner?

A: Shaftliner is 25mm fire resistant plasterboard designed for shafts and ducts in multi-level constructions. Shaftliner is also used in the Interhome System.


Q: What is GIB X-Block?

A: GIB X-Block is a unique lead free plasterboard designed to provide X-Ray radiation protection in X-Ray rooms within medical and dental facilities. It must be installed using GIB X-Block jointing compound.

Q: What is Opal?

A: Opal is a high performing plasterboard used for internal linings in residential projects. Opal has a high density gypsum core delivering both superior sound insulation and impact performance. The surface of Opal is UV resistant, easy to clean and has a smooth premium finish.


Q: What is Trurock?

A: Trurock and Trurock HD are multi functional boards incorporating impact, water and fire resistance and has sound insulation properties. Trurock HD has added benefits on mould resistance and enhanced impact performance. 



Q: What is Fiberock?

A: Fiberock is a multi purpose board that incorporates impact, water, fire, crack resistance and has great acoustic properties. It is easy to install and has good health ratings. 

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